What events happen in Dominion City that I would enjoy?

Dominion City is an active little town with a lot happening throughout the year. Annually, the local museum holds an opening in June and the town hosts a Summer Festival in July. An annual Fall Supper and St. Patrick’s Day event takes place at the Community Hall and there are four Curling Bonspiels in winter.

The K-12 school offers several opportunities during the year to attend programs and games, and the Franklin Craft Club serves coffee in the mornings to the public. For participating or spectating, the town offers a 9-hole golf course, hockey arena, curling club, outdoor pool, ball diamonds, playgrounds, horseshoe pits, parks, and a library.

The Municipality of Emerson-Franklin’s Seniors Coordinator regularly organizes classes, speakers, and handi-van trips to events in Dominion City and around the municipality. The Seniors Coordinator also plans out-of-town day trips to shopping centres, concerts, restaurants, or just a trip for ice cream.

What kind of in-house activities will Abbeyfield offer me?

The common spaces within Abbeyfield offer numerous opportunities for games, hobbies, and socializing. You are able to play board games and cards, watch movies, sew, do woodworking, and more. It may be possible to have organized classes or lessons if there is a particular interest shown by a resident(s).

Will I be able to have visitors?

You are encouraged to have visitors in your suite and in the common areas. Visitors may join you for meals at a small cost and with notification.

What if my family comes to visit and would like to stay for the weekend?

If you have company, they are welcome to stay with you in your suite or they may rent, on a daily basis, the one bedroom visitors’ suite. Meals may be purchased as needed. Prior arrangements with the House Manager will be necessary for both the rental of the visitors’ suite and meals.

I don’t really like communal eating, so don’t think I would enjoy Abbeyfield.

Eating together and visiting at mealtime is something that is encouraged at Abbeyfield as sharing meals together not only helps build community, but has also been shown to improve overall health. Before long, sharing meals will become an enjoyable part of your day. However, during unique circumstances such as ill health, staff will attempt to accommodate meals in your suite.

Peace of Mind

How will my health care needs be met?

You are eligible for the same personal Home Care you would receive in you own home. Health care is available from the Mobile Clinic which comes to Dominion City every Friday and urgent care is handled by local first responders. The nearest hospital is a 25 minute drive with excellent paramedic coverage supported by ground and air ambulance.

What kind of amenities does Dominion City have?

Dominion City has a post office, credit union, general store, municipal office, United Church, auto mechanic, and a gas bar to handle your basic needs.

What will meals be like?

Meals at Abbeyfield are nutritious and hearty. They are planned and prepared by staff in the home’s open kitchen with suggestions from the residents. You enjoy the smell of beef roasting in the oven just like in your own home.


If I have a car, will I have a garage to park it in?

Abbeyfield has a paved parking lot in front of the building for your vehicle. Each resident with a vehicle has an assigned space with an electrical outlet.

If I don’t have a car, how will I get around town?

If you are able and choose to walk, there are sidewalks from Abbeyfield to the downtown. It is a four block walk to shopping, banking, and the Post Office. There is also a handi-van available at a minimal cost.

Will I have internet/Wi-Fi access? Will the cost be included in the rent?

Access to basic wireless internet is provided in the Abbeyfield Home for residents. Those residents wanting access to high speed interenet in their suites will need to make arrangements/payments on their own.

Where will I get my mail?

You will be able to get a post office box at the local Post Office (117 Waddell Ave.) where you can pick up mail any time. Mail pick up is a subject the House Manager discusses with resident(s) upon moving in.

Am I able to bring my own furniture?

All residents bring their own furniture. The suites are furnished with bar fridge and microwave, but all other furnishings are your responsibility.

I still like to make meals and would miss doing that.

The kitchen is yours to use when it’s available. You will also be welcome to help with meal preparations.

I still enjoy gardening and don’t want to leave that hobby behind.

There is garden space available so you can continue with that hobby. Growing vegetables for Abbeyfield meals is a treat for everyone.

Will I be able to decorate my suite as I like?

The wall paint and floor coverings are neutral in colour to satisfy all tenants, but you are welcome to decorate the walls with pictures and shelving as you like. You are free to make the suite your home.

Will I be able to have my own TV?

A Shaw Satellite Package is included in the Abbeyfield Service Package.


Will I feel safe in Abbeyfield?

Abbeyfield is locked at all times. To gain access, guests use the front door intercom system. Public activities typically take place in the lower level and are accessible with supervision through the south side door.

Will I have my own space?

Residents of Abbeyfield will enjoy privacy of their suites and share spacious common areas for dining, relaxing, and activities.


Will my dog be able to live with me?

Out of respect for all residents, pets are not allowed to live in the building. Animals are welcome to visit residents any time.

I am a smoker, will I be able to smoke in the building?

Out of respect for both the residents and staff, smoking is not allowed in Abbeyfield House. You may smoke on the front veranda, just out the back door, or anywhere on the property.

Is the rental fee based on income?

Rental fees are not based on income. They are determined by the size of the suites.

Can two people stay in the small suite?

Abbeyfield House Dominion City contains four bachelor suites that are best suited for individual residents. However, under unique circumstances consideration may be given to a couple wishing to rent a bachelor suite.

When would I be able to move into Abbeyfield?

Abbeyfield residents began moving into the house in November 2016. See page 10 and 11 of this Tenant Package for an application form. Upon completion and submission of this form, you will be contacted to discuss moving into Abbeyfield.

Do I sign a lease?

Yes, a lease will be signed and details communicated with you.

I don’t think I can afford Abbeyfield.

If you are a senior interested in living in Abbeyfield, a Board member would be happy to sit down with you to assist with a review of financial circumstances to determine the possibility. The Board has also created and made available a cost comparison sheet (see page 9) to help with comparing your current financial commitments to the cost of living in Abbeyfield. In almost all cases, affordability of Abbeyfield is not a barrier for those wanting to become a resident.

How do I know if I qualify to live in Abbeyfield?

Abbeyfield is designed for residents 55 years of age and older. You must maintain a reasonable level of independence and meet an income criteria (each case is individually assessed). You are required to have a sponsor who will provide general support and act as an advocate on your behalf.

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